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Buffalo Jerky --- Regular - 4 oz
Buffalo Jerky --- Regular - 4 oz

Michigan Brand Meat, INC

"Where the quality last long after the original cost has been forgotten!"

Michigan Brand Meats offers a complete line of processed meats that includes the best Jerky in the market! Our Jerky is the freshest - period. Why buy else from the store where you don't know how long that Jerky has been sitting on the counter...

All our Jerky is USDA certified. We guarantee that the Jerky is the most tenderess and the juiciest Jerky your mouth has ever tasted! We give a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee on all unused packages.

All the Famous Jerky line of Beef, Turkey, Buffalo, Elk, and Venison are available. See our product line for all the different flavors.

We will soon be featuring our Shelf-Stable Jerky in late Spring 2009.

We will be soon featuring our famous Michigan Brand Ham that's been cured with brown sugar and Upper Peninsula maple syrup in the Fall and Winter seasons.